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Free EA for MT5 “White Bear DT for NOZAX"

The EA of the “White Bear series" is an EA that has been in use for more than 8 years up to now. This time, “White Bear DT fofr NOZAX" has been released as an EA for MT5 in conjunction with NOZAX’s advance into Japan. “White Bear DT for NOZAX" is, as the name suggests, an EA with the expected value MAX that contains the logic cultivated in the White Bear series!                                                                   

This is a plan to give free EA “White Bear DT for NOZAX" for MT5 to those who open a new account with NOZAX from the link on this site.

  • Campaign is subject to change or end without notice. Please note.

How to apply

  • First, open a new NOZAX live account from the link on this site.
  • After opening an account, please resister from this page.
  • Once we have confirmed that you have successfully opened an account via this site, we will send a “download link" to your registered email address.

What is “White Bear DT"?

White Bear DT is a 24-hour EA with a Takeprofit (TP) value of 25~30pips. When a certain amount of profit is made, it has a function to move the Stoploss(SL) value immediately below the current value in order to secure profit.

  • Whitw Bear DT uses GBPJPY as the base currency pair, but there are also versions optimized for USDJPY.
  • In this campaign, we’re giving away both EAs!

Below are the results of a two-month forward test using both currency pairs.

  • This is the actual state of trading

Posted by GOMA